About Selkie

Selkie are passionate about empowering outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities to push their personal boundaries; they are more than just another open water swimwear brand – they are a community that wants others to enjoy the journey with them and do something that is life-affirming. Move outside comfort zones, swim where there is no chlorine to sting eyes nor black lines to follow, walk where there are no paths to explore. They firmly believe it’s our imagination that holds us back, not our kit.

“It’s safe to say that Selkie’s co-founders Tom Kean and Jeremy Laming are open water swimming trailblazers.  Not only are they the driving force behind open water swimming’s original brand, but they also co-founded The Henley Swims in 2004. 

It is this authenticity and experience, alongside the RLSS UK’s reputation, that makes this partnership so great.

Selkie wants to give swimmers an exciting, unique and above all else, a safe open water experience. This desire comes from our own experiences and knowledge of swimming in all its different forms. We focus on water safety standards and how to behave sensibly and safely when swimming. 

It is attention to detail that makes our partnership with the RLSS UK so compelling and rewarding – Tom and Jeremy love to talk about swimming, and the more people spread the word and knowledge, the greater chance we have of helping to prevent drownings.” Tottie Owen-Smith, Operations Director, Selkie

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