Drowning Prevention Week

Drowning Prevention Week Campaign 

Thank you for your support, click here to read our review of Drowning Prevention Week 2020 

Drowning Prevention Week (DPW), this year is running from 12-19 June. The aim of the campaign is to help everybody across the UK and Ireland to #BeALifesaver and take charge of their own destiny to enjoy the water, safely.

Created by the Royal Life Saving Society UK, the campaign is now it’s 7th year and over that time the charity has gained an ever increasing amount of support to educate individuals and families, at a time of the year that is most crucial. Across the UK and Ireland there is a spike in fatal drowning incidents during the summer months. The charity is increasingly concerned this summer as the impact of COVID-19 is far reaching and has resulted in reduced beach lifeguard services and supervised venues.

This year is a positive effort to give individuals and families the skills and knowledge they require to enjoy the water, safely.

Last year during Drowning Prevention Week, RLSS UK and their incredible supporters achieved:

  • A reach of 2 million people with practical water safety messaging
  • A reach of 18 million through PR and Social Media
  • Delivery of education in 639 Schools
  • Delivery of water safety lessons in 1650 Leisure Centre

Thank you to everybody who through last years DPW educated the UK and Irish public, helping us to save lives.

Be part of this great movement and get involved in DPW 2020 #BeALifesaver #DPW

The Devastating Impact of Drowning

This film features families that have affected by drowning, to raise awareness of the impact on families and friends.

During last years’ Drowning Prevention Week we educated nearly two-million people with essential water safety advice, that saves lives.

It is thanks to our supporters and members that we were able to reach so many people. This year, more than ever we want to make sure we aid families to take responsibility of their own water safety and the decisions they make. To positively support this message and as part of Drowning Prevention Week we are launching the #BeALifesaver. 

We have produced a range of materials to support you to share the campaign.

Press Release

For branches and clubs

For organisations


For Schools and Community Groups

For Leisure Centres, Swim Schools and Organisations

Web Copy

For Schools and Community Groups

For Leisure Centres, Swim Schools and Organisations



Suggested posts (link to https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week)

  • Post 1- <NAME OF ORGANISATION> is supporting Drowning Prevention Week 12-19 June 2020. Download the RLSS UK’s free water safety resources here https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week. #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver #DPW.
  • Post 2 - With the current challenges for rescue and lifeguard services, personal water safety is more important than ever before. Click below to get involved with RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week. https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver #DPW @rlssuk
  • Post 3 - Around 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year. Stay safe with RLSS UK’s summer safety tips. https://www.rlss.org.uk/summer-water-safety #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver @rlssuk
  • Post 4 - Drowning is a leading cause of child accidental death. Stay safe with RLSS UK summer tips bit.ly/SummerWaterSafety #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver @rlssuk

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Suggested posts (link to https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week)

  • Post 1 -<NAME OF ORGANISATION> is proud to be supporting RLSS UK's Drowning Prevention Week campaign 12-19 June 2020. To find out more visit https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver #DPW.
  • Post 2 -With the current challenges for rescue and lifeguard services, personal water safety is more important than ever. Visit https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week.uk to get involved with RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week. Download the free resources and learn how to keep your family safe, #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver #DPW @rlssuk 
  • Post 3 -Every year across the UK and Ireland, around 700 people lose their lives in water-related incidents, with most of the incidents being completely avoidable. <NAME OF ORGANISATION> is supporting RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week 12-19 June 2020. Visit https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week to learn how to keep your loved ones safe around water with the RLSS UK’s free downloadable resources #EnjoyWaterSafely #DPW #BeALifesaver @rlssuk 
  • Post 4 - Keep your family safe this summer with the RLSS UK’s summer water safety messages https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week #EnjoyWaterSafely #BeALifesaver #DPW

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