Water safety can be complex, there isn’t one solution to keep everyone safe. That is why we have, over the years created a number of campaigns and refined our messaging so that we can target a specific audience with a specific message.

We pride ourselves in applying behaviour change theories when creating messaging so that we produce simple but effective resources to save lives.

Our digital resources are free to use and we welcome anybody who wants to join us in our mission to help everybody enjoy water, safely to share with your communities. 

Are you concerned about alcohol related drowning? – Share our #BeAmate Don’t Drink and Drown resources 

Resources to educate about swimming safely in open water – Share our Open Water Swimming resources

Summer water safety resources – Share our Summer Water Safety resources 

During Drowning Prevention Week we launched our #BeALifesaver Campaign and we created 9 key message templates, many focusing on cold water shock to use across different social media channels – Download these now

We have also created free, certificated online learning lessons. We have a primary lesson for 5 – 10-year olds and a water safety toolkit, Lifesaver Lifechanger, for anybody over the recommended age of 10-years old.

Access the primary lesson
Access Lifesaver Lifechanger