1. Where possible, use a RLSS UK Approved Aqua Park.
  2. Otherwise, check out websites or ask about equipment, procedures, staff, and training for high levels of safety.
  3. Go with a buddy.
  4. Pay attention to the safety briefings, follow guidance, read warning signs, know your exit point.
  5. Always wear the buoyancy aid provided. 
  6. Know the water temperature and wear a wetsuit if needed.
  7. Have warm, dry clothes and snacks ready.
  8. If you get into trouble or feel overwhelmed, stay calm, float on your back, call for help.
  9. Know and follow the Water Safety Code.

Learn ​basic water safety with our Lifesaver – Lifechanger Toolkit - a free, online, short course to discover skills to enjoy water safely.

For a list of Industry Approved Aqua Parks click here.