1. Know your location and be aware of potential dangers from open water and inland waterways.
  2. Look out for water rescue equipment – it’s always good to know its location just in case you see someone in difficulty.
  3. Stay well clear of bank edges - they are often unstable.
  4. Never leave children (young or old) unattended around inland water - keep young children within the arm’s reach of an adult.
  5. Always keep dogs on their lead when around water.
  6. Be careful of barriers and walls around bodies of water- they may be unstable.
  7. Always wear a buoyancy aid for activities on the water.
  8. If you get into trouble – stay calm, float on your back, call for help.
  9. Know and follow the Water Safety Code.

Learn ​basic water safety with our Lifesaver – Lifechanger Toolkit - a free, online, short course to discover skills to enjoy water safely.

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