Suzanne Gabb moved to the UK from Vancouver, Canada, 5 years ago. She has been involved with RLSS UK for the past 2 years and the Commonwealth RLSS for the past 16.

She previously studied Business and Sports Science at Trinity Western University and has worked within the Leisure Industry for 18 years within 5 Countries. Suzanne has a diverse experience teaching and managing multiple sports programmes such as adaptive snowsports, football, gymnastics and children’s activities but her main focus over the years has been within the Swimming World.

Swimming has always been a part of Suzanne’s life, as a competitive swimmer, water polo player and synchronized swimmer it was a natural fit to begin teaching swimming at 16. She has Lifeguarded, Coached, and Managed multiple outdoor pools within three Countries (Canada, United States and Australia).

Suzanne has introduced a Water Safety Focused Swimming programme to complement the already well established ASA framework. Suzanne believes that operators have an obligation to the children and families within the local area to teach as many individuals how to swim safely in all bodies of water. Swimming is a life-skill and every child deserves the right to learn how to survive in water.

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