About the Pool to Pond Award

RLSS UK Pool to Pond award, has been designed to help pool swimmers prepare for their journey into open water. As more and more people seek the opportunity to try open water swimming there is a growing need for a guided pathway, ensuring swimmers acquire basic information, develop skills and fitness required to keep them safe.

The award is designed to support individuals make the transition from being a swimming pool swimmer to an open water swimmer. A Pool to Pond Instructor will take participants through a guided introduction to Open Water, outlining essential information, sharing top tips and teaching some core skills.

Throughout the course participants will be invited to share experiences so they learn together with fellow swimmers.

The resources are split into the following sections:

  1. Common Fears and Phobias
  2. Health and Welfare
  3. Open Water Equipment
  4. Planning Your Swim

Who is Pool to Pond designed for?

The award targets regular swimmers who are thinking about trying open water for the first time. Swimming in open water can be daunting, the participant may be nervous, they might need information about equipment, they might need answers to a few relatively simple questions and the award has been created to help.

How is Pool to Pond delivered?

The award has been designed to be delivered flexibly to meet the needs of participants with a typical course delivered over 5 sessions. Sessions 1-4 based within a classroom and swimming pool environment and then the 5th session delivered at an open water venue allowing participants to swim in open water.

Find a Pool to Pond course, click here

How can I become a Pool to Pond Instructor?

If you are a current member of RLSS UK and hold one our Trainer Assessor (TA) qualifications below, you’ll be able to update to deliver this award, check your opportunity area on RLSS Direct here from the Monday 8 April. Please note probationary TA qualifications will not be accepted.

  • Open Water Lifeguard (OWL) TA
  • National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Qualification (NVBLQ) TA 

If you hold a current Instructor or Teaching qualification with another organisation from the list below and would like to take your skills to the next level, you can become a Pool to Pond Instructor by completing our online application process available at RLSS Direct from Monday 7 April here.

  • British Triathlon Coach with Open Water CPD
  • Level 2 Swim Teacher with Open Water Experience

Please note - Open Water Experience can include participation in open water events, open water CPD, membership to an open water swim group.