As an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual (England), Qualifications Wales (Wales) & CCEA (Northern Ireland), we mainly provide qualifications to support the leisure industry, however, some of our qualifications can be used across other sectors. Our qualifications are written by industry experts and meet the very high standards expected by our regulators.

If you do not already work with us and have found a qualification that you wish to deliver, then you will need to follow an approval process which we call the Approved Training Centre (ATC) or Approved Training Provider (ATP) recognition scheme. Below we have provided some information that you may find useful when considering whether this approval is right for you.

What is an Approved Training Centre?

An ATC is any business or organisation that operates out of their own venue and can deliver, assess, and quality assures our regulated qualifications.

What is an Approved Training Provider?

An ATP is a training company or trainer wishing to set up their own facility without a specific venue or pool but otherwise operate in the same way as an ATC to deliver, assess, and quality assures our regulated qualifications.

Approved Training Centre/Provider Scheme Benefits

Being part of the ATC/P scheme offers the following benefits:

  • Support from a dedicated team of RLSS UK Head Office support staff
  • Support from the RLSS UK field-based team
  • Free, online ‘Ongoing Training & Competency Assessment’ software that supports regular staff training
  • A certificate that demonstrates to internal and external customers that your business/organisation/training company is approved to deliver RLSS UK regulated qualifications
  • Free access to the ‘Course Finder’ platform to enable you to advertise your courses
  • Free marketing materials for all RLSS UK qualifications
  • Prompt and authoritative updates on regulatory changes
  • Ongoing support from our team to help develop your business


Who we are regulated by 




An awarding organisation that; designs and develops qualifications marketed for the leisure industry and provides the standards for course delivery, assessment, and internal quality assurance for regulated and non-regulated qualifications.

External Quality Assurance (EQA)

The EQA process involves an audit of the ATC/P to ensure adherence to the ATC/P scheme. Audits will be conducted on an annual basis by staff who work for or on behalf of the RLSS UK. Audits are there to provide support to all those involved in the delivery and quality assurance of our qualifications, ensuring the standards and integrity of our qualifications are met.

ATC/Ps - Key Personnel 

Approved Training Centre/Providers

A business, organisation, training company or trainer, who has received approval to deliver, assess and quality assure RLSS UK regulated qualifications.

ATC/P Co-Ordinator

A person appointed within the ATC/P to be the main point of contact for RLSS UK and responsible for ensuring the approval terms and conditions.


Qualified to deliver training courses to candidates enrolled on a RLSS UK qualification.


Qualified to assess candidates and ensure they have met the standards required to pass the award or qualification.

Internal Quality Assurance Assessor (IQAA)

IQAAs are responsible for conducting internal quality assurance checks on trainers and assessors delivering RLSS UK qualifications within your ATC/P. They check delivery of the course or assessment is in line with relevant guidance. The IQAA is an appointed person by the ATC/P.


The end-user attending an RLSS UK course to gain a qualification

Getting Ready for Approved Training Centre/Provider Recognition

Before you start the centre/provider recognition process, please ensure you are ready to provide the following information:

  • Your permanent address
  • Details of the qualification(s) you wish to deliver
  • An estimate of the numbers of candidates you plan to recruit to each qualification
  • Details of qualifications and experience of your trainers/assessors
  • Appropriately qualified Internal Quality Assurers
  • Appropriate arrangements, policies, and procedures
  • Financial status to deliver and assess our regulated qualifications

You will also be required to read and adhere to the following:

  • ATC/P Terms and Conditions
  • Approved Training Centre and Provider Guidance Manual
  • RLSS UK Code of Conduct
  • RLSS UK Code of Practice
  • All other RLSS UK Policies, are available here

What Equipment, Policies, Documents and Procedures your ATC/P must have in place

You will need to have the following policies, documents, and procedures in place. We will ask to see evidence of these during the approval process. (Template policies are here.)


  • Complaint’s policy
  • Equality and Diversity policy
  • Appeals policy
  • Malpractice policy
  • Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustment Policy


  • Internal quality assurance procedures – Including Trainer Assessor Risk Ratings
  • Enrolment process


  • Complete an annual declaration of compliance
  • GDPR Statement


Resuscitation manikins

The recommended ratio is one manikin per four candidates. This is applicable for Adult, Child and Infant manikins. Where manikins are not available to the ideal ratio, an increase in the guided learning hours may be required.

Manikin wipes

Suitable manikin wipes to clean manikins before and after use.

Learning materials

Candidates should be provided with an up-to-date course manual.

AED trainer units

The recommended ratio is at least one AED trainer per four candidates. Where AED trainers are not available to the ideal ratio, an increase in the guided learning hours may be required.

Bandages and dressings

Sufficient clean bandages, dressings and other items commonly found in a First Aid kit should be available to facilitate training and assessment.

Submersible manikin 

Candidates will need to use a submersible manikin to recover from the deepest part of the pool. One submersible rescue manikin must be available to facilitate training and assessment.

Rescue equipment 

Rescue equipment (torpedo buoys/reach poles/throw bags) should be available to facilitate training and assessment. The recommended ratio is one piece of rescue equipment per four candidates.  RLSS UK recommends the use of torpedo buoys.

Spinal/extraction equipment

Spinal/extraction equipment (Ferno Aquaboard and/or Ferno Pool Extraction Board) should be available to facilitate training and assessment where appropriate.

Pocket Mask

Sufficient pocket masks should be available to facilitate training and assessment. A minimum of two pocket masks will be required.

Costs to Become an Approved Training Centre or Provider

Please visit our fees and invoicing policy found here - for details relating to our ATC/P and qualification fees.

What happens next?

If you have read all the above details, have all the relevant policies and documents in place (or are working towards getting everything in place) and are ready to begin the application process, please complete the short form below.

Once we receive your form, we will assign you a member of the RLSS UK Compliance team; who will provide support during the centre/provider recognition process and any ongoing development support.


Essential Items needed for ATC/Ps

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