Lifeguards and lifesavers need to be at the peak of their physical fitness to be ‘ready for action’. Without access to gyms and the pool, you may have struggled to keep fit. With light at the end of the tunnel, we are launching this challenge to give you the motivation to get back to your peak. You may have maintained your fitness but love a challenge, we have something for everyone.

There are three distances to choose from:

Bronze – 50 miles
Silver – 100 miles
Gold – 200 miles

You may choose Bronze but don’t worry you don’t have to stop there, just keep pushing yourself through the challenge and submit your distance once you hit a milestone.

What do I get for completing the challenge?

  • You will be aiding your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Getting ready to get back into the pool whether it be for water safety training, your lifeguard role or for sport.
  • A free digital certificate and social media stamp for completing your challenge.
  • If you can fundraise, then knowledge that you are supporting and benefiting the recovery of others.
  • A sense of community – you will not be alone. They’ll be others across the UK and Ireland contributing to a bigger goal.
  • Entry into a prize draw to win a £50 high street shopping voucher through our membership partner Howden Sport Benefits

To record your progress join us on Strava

What do I do when I complete the challenge?

Once you have completed your challenge complete this form to confirm your distance and apply for your certificate