As the Director of Communications & Fundraising, Vicki’s responsibilities cross every aspect of the organisation’s work, feeding into and supporting all seven of our core ambitions and ensuring we are the ‘go-to’ organisation for drowning prevention.

Vicki oversees both the official communications for RLSS UK and the wider communications across the full marketing mix – digital, social media, websites, PR, campaigning and media.

Our education and behavioural campaigns such as Drowning Prevention Week and Don’t Drink and Drown, are an integral part of the organisation’s communications and marketing activity, and are vital mechanics for engaging audiences in our important water safety messaging. Vicki oversees the devising and creating of campaigns to raise awareness on the issue of drowning and other associated issues.

Increasingly, mainstream broadcasters and nationwide media outlets are coming to us for a variety of contributions and comments; this goes a long way to raising our profile in the public eye and increases the reach for our messages and advice.

How we communicate has a direct impact on our ability to fundraise and encourage others to do so as well. Vicki leads a team of fundraisers to help to support the diversification of income streams for the organisation.

Vicki also leads on public affairs and advocacy by raising the profile or the work that we do with Parliamentarians, whether that be in the House of Lords or the House of Commons. RLSS UK is the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for water safety and drowning prevention. Engaging MPs and Civil Servants in the work that we do, is a crucial part of them understanding the bigger picture of the drowning issue across the UK and Ireland, appraising the statistics and how the issue affects their constituents.