About Swim Secure

With open water continuing to grow in popularity as both a sport and pastime, we are very keen to support anything that helps to improve safety.

Swim Secure, the UK’s leading supplier of open water dry-bag and tow-floatsproduce high quality well priced tow float, used in open water swimming. 

Swim Secure products are designed for the precise needs of open water swimmers, allowing swimmers to swim safer by being highly visible, as well as waterproof storage for kit.

Colin Hill, Swim Secure’s founder commented: “It’s a great honour to play our part in supporting their vital water safety education and drowning prevention work, in turn, our clients have the reassurance that not only are their products fit for purpose but the advice and support that we can give them is too.”

RLSS UK is delighted to be working with Swim Secure in a joint endeavour to make open water activity safe. As their official retail partners, we stock their core range through our merchandise arm, RLSSDirect.co.uk. This means that, not only is our standard retail offering improved but the ability to support our event swimmers with innovative, niche products is readily available to us as well.

Visit www.swimsecure.co.uk for more information and don't forget to follow them on social media.