Zone3 creates a range of innovative, performance-focused wetsuits, apparel, and accessories to help triathletes and swimmers to achieve their best results, whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned professional.

Founded by James Lock in 2006, Zone3 exists to inspire athletes to achieve their goals: from first-timers to elite-level, from pool swimmers to open water adventurers, Zone3’s belief of placing the participant at the centre of all product creation and testing.

As an elite triathlete, Lock was always looking for ways to gain an advantage over the competition and inspired Zone3’s research to refine and innovate new sports technologies, giving triathletes a competitive edge. 

When zipping up our wetsuit and diving into the open water, we still experience that buzz of excitement and unique feeling of escapism. This drives us to develop the world’s highest-rated triathlon and open water swimming products; to heighten this experience and accelerate your performance.

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