Everyone has the right to enjoy water safely.

We can make that happen, with your help.

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  • Pool Lifeguard Qualifications for the Leisure Sector

    Over 90 per cent of all pool lifeguards in the UK are qualified with the RLSS UK’s NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification). That’s over 90,000 pool lifeguards. Read on to find out why more than 46,000 pool lifeguards choose to qualify with the RLSS UK every year over other providers. Read more

  • Summer holidays may be booked but are you hot on water safety?

    We want to help families enjoy water safely and with our summer water safety information. We truly believe that people can then be equipped with the right knowledge, and as a result we won’t need to see the fatalities we currently do from accidental drownings. Read more

  • Raising standards one qualification at a time

    RLSS UK partnership with CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Read more

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