No child should drown.  We provide expert lifesaving education in the UK and Ireland, protecting families from the sudden and devastating impact of drowning.

  • £3 Teaches a child a water safety lesson
  • £40 Trains a volunteer to teach water safety 
  • £75 Teaches a classroom of children in water safety  
  • £250 Trains someone to be a lifeguard who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

Every day we give children the chance to enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water safely.

Our supporters are an essential and valued part of the ongoing delivery of water safety education and lifesaving skills. We have a huge challenge in cutting down the number of unnecessary deaths as a result of drowning each year and we rely heavily on donations to help support our work.

Will you help future generations enjoy water safely?

Cartoon image of children having fun at an outdoor waterpark, with a lifeguard in the background.