The RLSS UK is a national charity, and the leader in lifesaving and lifeguarding training across the UK and Ireland. Fundraising and donations can enhance communities, so everyone can enjoy being in, on and around water, safely, because every life is worth saving.

The RLSS UK have asked me to be the face of their new ‘Make a Splash’ campaign! As one of their ambassadors, I am aiming to swim at least 10km this year, and document my journey on social media. They have challenged me to raise a minimum of £250 to support their vital work.

As I volunteer as an instructor at Nantwich Neptune Lifesaving Club, the club members are joining me in my fundraising campaign. They are swimming with me in between the taught sessions, and they are helping to raise lots of money by encouraging donations. They are all amazing, and I couldn’t do this challenge without their support!

I hope to:

- Inspire people to support the RLSS UK.
- Educate people about what Nantwich Neptune Lifesaving Club and the RLSS UK do.
- Increase the reach of the RLSS UK.
- Fundraise for the RLSS UK, so they can continue their education and training campaigns.
- Promote the message of enjoying water safely.
- Encourage people to get fit and challenge themselves.

Catch up with Em's Make a Splash blog on Nantwich's Facebook and Instagram pages. Em Serventi