Why choose us?

By choosing RLSS UK you are making an incredible difference helping us achieve our vision of a world without anyone losing their lives to drowning.

The risk of losing one’s life to drowning touches us all, including your employees and your customers. From raising money to raising awareness, corporate partnerships are vital to helping us reduce the number of lives lost to drowning. We have a huge challenge facing us to help save lives and reduce the number of UK and Irish citizens from drowning.

Working with corporates of all sizes and in various sectors, helps us to build our sustainable income. As well as supporting us in the work we do, you will be engaging your employees and customers to come together in fundraising activities whether its baking a cake or jumping out of a plane!

We are privileged to work with a range of businesses that share our vision to do more every day, so why don't you join us? 

For more information about our opportunities email: [email protected]