3/3/24 - 125m
6/3/24 - 500m (Total 625m)
7/3/24 - 500m (Total 1,125m)
13/3/24 - 500m (Total 1,625m) Just over a mile!

*I am going to keep swimming and see if I can do 2 miles by the end of March*

21/3/24 - 200m (Total 1,825m)
24/3/24 - 450m (Total 2,275m)
26/3/24 - 350m (Total 2,625m)
28/3/24 - 600m (Total 3,225m) Just over 2 miles for her extended goal!

Hi. My name is Amelia and I am 8 years old.

I would like to 'Swim A Mile For March' to raise as much money as possible to help the RLSS so as more people can be taught water safety and more Lifeguards can be given training to keep us safe so we can continue to enjoy water safely.

I do not have a target amount to raise, as anything would be great but below is what your donations will help towards.

£3 Teaches a child a water safety lesson.
£40 Trains a volunteer to teach water safety.
£75 Teaches a classroom of children in water safety.
£250 Trains someone to be a Lifeguard who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

Thank you Carys Hill