I am looking for water safety education resources for a leisure centre or swimming pool

Whether simply sharing your support for Drowning Prevention Week on your social media channels or website using our pre-written posts and material or incorporating water safety into your swimming lessons, hosting dry or wet side fun sessions, or delivering a water safety assembly at your local school, we thank you for getting behind the campaign and helping us to spread this vital water safety information.

In return for your help, your centre or pool will benefit from::

💧 Reaching new audiences with potential for new customers
💧 An opportunity to sell in some of your programmes
💧 Publicity opportunities
💧 Help you to meet corporate citizenship element of CSR
💧 Meeting the corporate citizenship element of CSR
💧 Job satisfaction for your employees – they’ll have helped reduce the number of accidental drownings in the UK.

Our water safety resources encourage a safe relationship with the water. The water safety resources encourage a safe relationship with the water. We also hope they will inspire children to have a future relationship with water, with all the mental and physical benefits of being in, on and around water, and enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water, safely.

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