Reasonable Adjustment Application Form

This form should be completed by candidates wishing to apply for a reasonable adjustment during the assessment of our qualifications. In cases where the candidate is unable to submit the application themselves, the Approved Training Centre/Provider (ATC/P) Co-ordinator or Trainer Assessor (TA) may submit the application on their behalf.

All reasonable adjustments will be applied in line with RLSS UK Qualifications policies. A copy of the application outcomes may be sent to the ATC/P Co-ordinator or TA for their records, who will be required to retain this with course/assessment records for audit and regulatory purposes.

Please provide as much information as possible to enable the compliance team to make a valid and reasonable judgment of individual circumstances and to avoid any delays.

Part 1 Candidate Details

Part 1A Applicant details (if different to candidate details)

Part 2 Qualification

Part 3 Details of the reasonable adjustment

Part 4 Confirmation

By submitting this form I confirm that

1. The contents of this form reflect accurate details of the special conditions to be made
2. I have included all relevant evidence and times frames to be considered
3. I agree to the RLSS UK privacy policy (