Submit an Honours Nomination 2024

The Honours system is intended to solely recognise the work of volunteers. Any work carried out by a paid member of staff or work for financial remuneration is ineligible for recognition. Please ensure you have read the Honours guidelines before you submit your nomination, as this guide ensures the nomination is submitted correctly and will avoid nominations been rejected.

Person submitting details:

Please note: you cannot nominate yourself for an Honour

Proposed recipients details:

Citation Reminder:

PLEASE NOTE: A citation is required for ALL nominations. A short citation (approx. 250 words) is required to outline voluntary activity in the past 12 months. This is vital to ensure the Honours committee can understand the activity carried out throughout 2023.

Information given of a member’s length of service will, wherever possible, be verified against details kept at headquarters, but in all cases should correspond with the date for commencement of service (not membership).

Information contained on the nomination form will then be included on the member’s database records at headquarters. Great care should therefore be taken in ensuring details are correct.