In Memory

Gianni Sonvico

23 May 1990 - 25 Oct 2013

This is a page to celebrate and remember Gianni Sonvico and through this to raise awareness of the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign.

Gianni was 23 when he died in October 2013. He slipped and fell into the Thames after a night’s drinking. Gianni had just qualified as a barrister and was working for the Law Commission and loving every aspect of his London life. Gian was a complete force of nature. He grew up in Pembrokeshire with the closest of friendship groups of whom he was the chief organiser, whether it was football matches, days at the beach or nights at the pub. He kept these friendships going when he went to uni in London where his talent for picking good friends continued. He was a fiercely protective big brother, even more so after his dad died when he was 16, and was the first person his mum wanted to talk to about any topic - from football, to sci-go to politics. He was clever, sarcastic and described by one of his friends as "rightfully arrogant...and at times an utter nuisance." He was a barrister and wanted a career in criminal defence, because beneath the sarcasm and the cynicism he was a good man who was passionate about human rights. I genuinely thought he would be the PM one day.

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