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Megan Roberts

This site is a tribute to Meg, who was born in Leeds on September 16, 1993 at St James' Hospital, Leeds. She was a very premature baby, at 28 weeks, and spent the first two and a half months of her life in special care baby units at both St James' and Harrogate District Hospital. This didn't hold her back for long and she very quickly caught up with full term babies so that by 14 months she was walking and once she started talking, there was no stopping her. 16 Sep 1993 - 23 Jan 2014 Read more

Cameron Gosling

This site is a tribute to Cameron Gosling. Cam was born in Bishop Auckland 22nd September 2000 and instantly made a huge impact on our lives, his wit and intelligence made him a determined young man who proved himself to be a credit to us right from primary school. Cam was the sort of person who pushed himself to achieve specific goals from mastering a yo-yo, to learning Thai boxing and then flipping his scooter over his head and landing on it again... 22 Sep 2000 - 05 Jul 2015 Read more