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We need to approve all uses of our logo to exclude incorrect, improper, or misleading use of our brand. Please email any materials on which our logo appears to [email protected] for approval.

If you require support or have any questions about the use or placement of the RLSS UK logo, please email our Marketing team ([email protected]) and, we will be happy to help.


On receipt of the logo, I agree to only use it for the specified purposes as stated above, within RLSS UK Brand Usage Guidelines, and only whilst working with RLSS UK. As stated in the RLSS UK Code of Practice, RLSS UK Codes of Conduct ATC/P Terms and Conditions and Memberships Terms and Conditions.

I will not use the logo for anything detrimental to the reputation of the RLSS UK or its members or its supporters, and I understand that the Society’s Senior Leadership Team will be advised should the use be deemed detrimental.