We have been working in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust to make water safety education accessible to everyone. There is a range of resources tailored to delivery for SEND pupils.

Basic SEND Resources 

Basic Beach Flag Cards

Basic Activity Cards

Basic colouring sheet

Basic colouring sheet 2

Basic PE Activity Cards

Download Basic SEND resources

Intermediate SEND Resources

Intermediate Activity Cards

Intermediate Crosswords

Intermediate Sink or Float

Intermediate to Advanced Dry-side lesson plan 

Intermediate Water Safety Wordsearches

Download Intermediate SEND Resources

Download the Intermediate Presentation for Drowning Prevention Week 

Advanced SEND Resources

Intermediate to Advanced Dry-side lesson plan 

Advanced Classroom Lesson Plans 

Download Advanced SEND Resources

Supporting Resources

Between the Flags scene and assets

Character List

Dry-side PE Activity Cards

Safe or Unsafe

Social scene template

Spot the Danger

Sun Safety Cards

Water Safety Bingo

Water Safety Sessions - 20 mins

Wet Side PE Activity cards

Where do people drown?