We're celebrating International Women's Day with five inspirational women who are taking on the Make a Splash Challenge. ❤️
We spoke to one of the members, Jill to find out a bit more about the Ladies Unsynchronised Swim Team (affectionately known as LUSTY's) and the benefits they get from taking part in their swimming challenge.

"The group was born as a rebellious nod to the indomitable spirits of five disabled women who have formed great friendships  and support through swimming in a local chlorine-free outdoor spa pool. We have an array of health problems which impact on our lives, including POTS, MS, blood and thyroid cancer, asthma, anaphylaxis, Alzheimer's and stroke. We have a dedicated WhatsApp group which affords us support, laughter, sympathy as well as motivation to get us into swimming gear.

The dedicated lifeguards (one being a dementia champion) inspire us and actively encourage our inclusion, which in turn has widened our social support systems and  sense of wellbeing. We think this challenge is a way of acknowledging the help and support we get. At the same time we will be raising awareness to a wider group of people.

We are able to enter the pool using easy access steps and once in enjoy adult only swimming in a dedicated blue badge lane - all amazing benefits for us.

I've personally seen many benefits from regular swimming:

  • Easing of stiff joints,
  • Ability to overbalance in water without injuring self
  • Social interaction
  • Encourages concentration and memory focus
  • Gives a sense of wellbeing
  • Retains an ability to participate when other activities are no longer possible
  • Encourages independence
  • An awareness that our disabilities are not totally disabling.
Taking part in Make a Splash has been a great motivator for all of us to keep swimming - knowing that we're raising vital funds for RLSS UK."


LUSTY's are an amazing team of women, supporting each other, while fundraising for RLSS UK. If you want to donate to their challenge, you can visit their fundraising page below:

The LUSTY Challenge

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