Today is Fundraising Friday and our Charity Income Manager Nicky, is sharing with us how recycling can raise funds!

Following on from my last blog and the introduction to no-cost fundraising with Give as You Live, today I’d like to introduce some different methods of recycling which can be used to raise money for RLSS UK.

  1. Mobile Phones
    Many of you will already be familiar with the idea of donating old or unused mobile phones to charity – and this method is still very much in demand. Handsets are generally sold on to poorer countries, or stripped down in order to reuse component parts. Either way, it gives purpose to all those unused handsets hidden in drawers, recycling them responsibly whilst raising money at the same time – it’s a win, win! Recycling4Charity will collect used mobile phones in bulk from RLSS UK – so if you have any handsets to donate, please send them along to River House.

  2. Ink Cartridges
    RLSS UK have partnered with Charity Inks – a specialist web-based company who recycle ink cartridges collected by and for charities, donating the proceeds from reusable cartridges. For more information on how to donate your used ink cartridges, please take a look our page on the Charity Ink website: – parcels of ink cartridges weighing up to 4kg can be posted normally free of charge – but if you have a larger quantity, a free collection will be arranged.

  3. Stamps & Old / Foreign Coins
    Specialist company Xchange Master have established an easy to use, postage free way of raising funds through recycling used stamps and old or foreign coins. Upon request, Xchange Master will send you a special envelope (for stamps) or box (for coins), which you can return free of charge through normal posting methods. RLSS UK will receive £20 per kilo of stamps sent to Xchange Master – an excellent way of raising money through something that would otherwise be thrown away!

    Coins are valued differently, depending on weight or current exchange rates, but again, values can soon add up just by donating those few coins you might have left after your holidays!

For further information, please email [email protected]