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The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is giving pool operators the tools to help reduce the number of accidental drownings in the UK as part of next month’s national Drowning Prevention Week (18th- 25th June 2022).

More than 400 people die each year in the UK and Ireland from accidental drowning, with most deaths occurring in June, July and August. The UK has seen a rise in the number of drownings over the last few years. In 2021, research by the National Water Safety Forum showed that 40% of accidental drowning fatalities never intended to enter the water.

As part of RLSS UK’s annual campaign, the leader in lifesaving and lifeguarding has created a range of free educational resources that pool operators and swim schools can utilise to improve the public’s water safety skills and knowledge.

With a particular focus on children and young people this year, the resources range from Save a Life workshops and water safety fun days for primary schools to bespoke dry or wet side events and lifeguarding skills and challenges. All resources are freely available on the RLSS UK website.

Lee Heard, Charity Director at RLSS UK, said: “It’s vitally important that everyone has an understanding of water safety, especially during the summer months. In July 2021, there were 49 accidental drowning fatalities in the UK in just two weeks. But we know that with the right water safety knowledge, accidental drownings are avoidable.

“In a recent survey, over 55% of parents said they would not be confident their child would know what to do if they fell into open water; this is something we want to change. These new resources will help operators to engage with new audiences, while educating people, particularly youngsters, about water safety and potentially saving lives.”

Drowning Prevention Week takes place 18th- 25th June.

Click to download free resources