Rookie mum Rebecca’s New Year celebrations almost had a turn for the worst, if it wasn’t for the quick thinking and brave actions of her daughters, Dana and Sadie. Rebecca tells us her story…

‘’The date January 3 2016 will forever hold mixed emotions for our family, as on that day, our eldest daughter Dana saved my mum’s (their grandmother’s) life. 

We were celebrating Christmas with other family members when my mum began choking. At first, we did the usual things, drink of water etc., but within seconds we could see it was serious and needed professional help. My aunty dialled 999 as my mum was ashen by now and her lips were blue. I panicked and didn’t know how to help.

I asked my daughters, Dana and Sadie, what to do. Dana stepped forward and took control of the situation as Sadie encouraged her, telling her to carry on. Dana proceeded to instruct mum to cough and hit with the palm of her hand in between the shoulder blades. Dana continued these methods while reassuring mum, and I was answering questions to the operator on the telephone awaiting the paramedic. Eventually, my mum’s colour came back as the piece of food was dislodged and she could breathe again.

Although it all happened within five to ten minutes, it seemed like a lot longer. The paramedic arrived and checked mum over and said Dana had done the right thing.

Dana is 16-years-old, Sadie is 13. I am so proud of them and so pleased they both continued their swimming skills by taking Rookie lifeguard lessons. Their instructor Rebecca has known them since they were four-years-old and started lessons at Chirk Leisure Centre. All the first aid they are learning is priceless and covers all eventualities and accidents.

Luckily mum has made a full recovery. Thank you doesn’t seem enough; I am eternally grateful to my daughters.”

Rebecca Mansfield.

All of us at RLSS UK think Dana and Sadie did an incredible job working together to come to the aid of their grandma. RLSS UK is proud to have awarded them in acknowledgement for their brave actions. 

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