We were delighted that Kevin Mackie and Isabelle Hamilton-Bower from Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) spoke about BECOMING A BETTER TRAINER - KNOW YOUR SUBJECT on Friday, 23 June, at the RLSS UK Conference 2023.

Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK)

Resuscitation Council UK is working towards the day when everyone in the country has the skills they need to save a life by developing national guidelines, influencing policy, delivering courses and supporting cutting-edge research. As part of our Vision 2030 to improve access to high-quality CPR awareness training in the community, thereby reducing social inequalities and improving survival rates, we have developed the Basic Life Support Instructors Course (BLSi). It has been created to empower first aid Instructors and others teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) to deliver effective, confidence-inspiring and inclusive teaching to a high standard. It is aimed at those already trained in Basic Life Support (e.g., First Aid Instructors, First Aiders, Emergency Services, etc.) who want to train others to learn BLS. The course is open to new, existing and experienced BLS trainers.

Kevin Mackie

Kevin Mackie is Resuscitation Council UK’s Lead for Education, a role he has fulfilled since 2013.  Kevin has 30 years of teaching experience and is Chair of the Education Subcommittee and a member of several other clinical subcommittees at the RCUK. He has been pivotal in developing and publishing the BLS Instructor Course launched in January 2023, drawing on his years of clinical knowledge and educational research.

Isabelle Hamilton-Bower 

Isabelle Hamilton-Bower has been a Clinical Lead at Resuscitation Council UK for over five years. Formally the Lead Nurse for Resuscitation Services in a large London teaching hospital, she is particularly interested in skills acquisition and education in emergency and critical care clinical practice. Isabelle was one of a group of authors who created the BLSi.

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