Jacky Leonard presented at the RLSS UK Conference on both Friday 23 June and Saturday 24 June on the topic of Becoming A Better Trainer - Thinking Outside the Box!

Jacky Leonard

Jacky has over 25 years’ cross sector experience as a facilitator, coach and leisure manager and is no stranger to the RLSS UK having worked with volunteers and support staff in the past.

She gave up what her brother called a proper job at the end of 2006 and now works as a freelance learning consultant, specialising in helping clients deliver profitable customer-focused experiences, developing professional educators, and the design and delivery of behaviour skills interventions.  She has a proven track record of facilitating cost-effective, engaging, and sustainable solutions for clients that align with their culture and help them achieve tangible, measurable results.  

Described as a consummate professional and charismatic trainer, she believes every day’s a school day and that learning has a more sustainable impact if it is person centred, outcome driven and fun, (with a serious intent).

Jacky will be delivering a workshop about Becoming a Better Trainer.  Expect an interactive experience designed to get you thinking creatively about your course delivery.

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