DPW is our biggest campaign of the year, targeting families, carers, teachers and instructors of children aged five to fifteen years old, with the aim to educate them about water safety. The campaign takes place annually in June, ahead of the School summer holidays when children naturally spend more time outdoors, and when vital water safety skills can help keep them safe.

2023 marked our tenth year of Drowning Prevention Week, so as we enter our second decade, we’re celebrating your support from the last ten years…

Thank you to everyone who has supported DPW and continues to do so! We have loved seeing photos and videos of your activity from years gone by. 

“Our Clubs have always been, and continue to be, instrumental to the success of Drowning Prevention Week; helping to share their lifesaving expertise and spread the word about Water Safety far and wide across the UK and Ireland. 

“Thank you for everything you do to help. We hope you’ll take every opportunity to get involved with our 2024 initiatives as your contribution is hugely valued.”

– James Long, Community Development Manager

Making an impact

Everyone at RLSS UK is extremely proud of Drowning Prevention Week and how much the campaign has grown since its inception. Together, we educated an incredible 2.26 million children about water safety last year alone. 

We have exciting plans for 2024 which we hope that many of you will get stuck in and be a part of. Please help us to continue making a big impact this year, encouraging everyone to have the all-important water safety conversation with children.