We know our supporters are brilliant in helping to share our messaging during Drowning Prevention Week, and all year-round. This year, we would love for you to continue to help us share that messaging as far and wide as possible. Here are five easy ways for you to 'do your bit' and support DPW this year...

Five easy ways to get involved

  1. Share and engage – Share and engage with our posts on social media. This helps us to reach as many people as possible whilst ensuring that people connect DPW with our charity. 

  2. Make use of your connections – Do you have clout in your community? Please make use of any connections you may have – we are especially trying to improve water safety awareness in hard-to-reach and ethnically-diverse communities.

  3. Run a DPW activity – If you’d like to run a DPW awareness session, we can offer plenty of support and also have a fantastic range of resources available to download for free or purchase from our shop website that could help. 

  4. Education in schools – We shall once again be building on our thematic lessons and resources for school children so if you are able to share with or deliver education in schools, together we could make a huge difference to the lives of young people.

  5. Water safety sessions – For swimming classes and clubs in the leisure sector, DPW also provides a great opportunity to educate swimmers on water safety so it would be fantastic if you were able to implement a water safety session in your normal lessons during the week!

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