A former RAF Regiment Warrant Officer with 35 years military experience, Ian is a specialist in the use of RPAS within the military Force Protection and Security sectors. He was instrumental in the integration of RPAS within Military Segregated airspace at all RAF main operating bases within the UK.


Tim is a former Senior Operator for sRPAS within the Royal Air Force. He has a depth of experience in coordinating drone operations within controlled and uncontrolled airspace. He is a subject matter expert in the use of sRPAS within the military Force Protection and Security sector.

Pete Towill, Head of Consultancy

Pete served for 18 years in the Royal Air Force with over 3300 flying hours on both crewed and uncrewed platforms. A former Merlin training captain and Griffin Search and Rescue pilot, he is also an experienced Reaper pilot.

Sion Roberts, Managing Director

With a 22 year Royal Air Force career behind him operating on the venerable Nimrod MR2 and latterly the MQ-9 Reaper, Sion formed Eagle Eye Innovations in 2014 with a vision to make RPAS accessible to all walks of life. He has been instrumental in helping train thousands of operators on all genres of platforms worldwide.

Matt Williams, MJAT Support Operations SME

Matt served for 22 years in the Royal Air Force as an Air and Space Operations Manager. He served on numerous operations and deployments around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq and the Falkland Islands. He spent the last 5 years of his RAF career on Reaper.