We believe, that giving people in their communities, the tools, skills and support to lead and take ownership of local activities, is the best way to educate and inform the public. Ultimately, this leads to a wider reach of water safety advice and messages, all with one aim… to prevent accidental drowning.

RLSS UK has several essential delivery channels that need support from volunteers. These are rewarding roles that make a difference to the lives of people in communities, right across the UK and Ireland.

Roles include:

  • Helping run your local club – clubs rely on practical trainers to deliver lifesaving training to their members, but they also require management support in roles such as administration, club management and safeguarding. Even making the tea makes up an essential part of running a voluntary club.
  • Support your local branch – local branches operate on a larger scale across a geographic area. Their role is to work strategically to tackle their drowning issue across their area, promote the charity and co-ordinate essential training. Branches require both short and long-term commitments.
  • Become a volunteer trainer – the charity has a number of community programmes that rely on volunteers, to take essential lifesaving training and courses, out and about to lay members of the community.

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