Many Families RLSS UK work with, at the right time, make the decision to channel their experience into educating others.

This is where we can really help. RLSS UK has been sharing our expertise in water safety, lifesaving and lifeguarding to enable families to enjoy water safely since 1981 and we have a number of options, that are flexible to meet your needs to provide the tools for you to have conversations

We will work in partnership with you and through our partnership you can:

  • Educate with us – You’ll have access to our suite and a variety of school education resources, across a variety of age categories
  • Campaign with us – You’ll have access to our campaign materials, each year the charity runs two major campaigns in addition to ongoing water safety advice and messaging that is catered to educate in different varieties and different conditions such as winter and flood safety.
  • Lobby with us – We’ll help you talk to your local MP, we can also work together to continue to lobbying government(s) to increase the presence of water safety in our education system(s).

In addition, you will have access to:

  • Training to support you to deliver water safety education.
  • Financial support to provide materials to schools and cover any expenses travelling to deliver water safety education.
Logistical and Governance Support

We will work with you to support your local work and efforts.

There are a number of incredible organisations and small water safety charities operating around the UK and Ireland.

Many of them have been set up in memory of a lost loved one, to honour their life and in an effort to ensure that other families receive the education needed to decrease the number of drowning fatalities and further heartache.

Setting up a local group, organisation, fund or charity isn’t easy and it often requires good governance to comply with law and legislation.

Guidance on setting up a small charity

Fundraising for RLSS UK may be a better option, as that will save the work needed to set up and maintain a charity, but if you would like to explore setting up your own charity you can find guidance below.

Small Charity Support