With over 20 years’ experience in the leisure industry, Jo’s knowledge spans across operations, health and safety, qualification creation and delivery, as well as lifeguarding.  Having spent over eight years managing operations across over 70 swimming pools, with several thousand lifeguards, Jo can relate to the demands and requirements of the industry. 

Jo is regarded as an expert in terms of lifeguards and is valued worldwide for her contribution and dedication to making swimming pools as safe as they can be, to prevent drowning. She represents RLSS UK on several working groups for the British Standards Institute, as well as industry committees. Her knowledge and research on lifeguarding and swimming pool designs, has been drawn on and presented worldwide.

Jo joined the Society in 2015 and now holds the position of Commercial Director for RLSS UK.

Jo’s experience, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, will not only ensure that RLSS UK continue to be at the forefront of vocational and non-vocational qualifications for the leisure industry, but will also ensure that the industry is provided ongoing support and development as it evolves.

Jo and her team are dedicated to proactive, robust thinking around flexible training and education solutions, future-proofing the organisation for years to come.