This RLSS UK Membership level is for Trainer Assessors (TAs) - including probationary TAs and those who support the vocational, high-quality training of individuals keeping our pools and waterways safe across the UK and Ireland.

This category supports the delivery of our qualifications that underpin the chance to mould an occupation with exciting CPD, networking and development opportunities.

Main benefits:

Access to tahdah

Access to our Course Management System via your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah)*

To register, promote and administer RLSS UK courses, awards or qualifications

Access to CPD

Access to Continued Professional Development (CPD)
Professional Insurance Cover

Professional Insurance Cover


  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover
  • Personal injury insurance cover
  • Access to free legal and tax advice
Supporting the charity

Supporting the charity's mission to help everyone enjoy water safely

*Please note: RLSS UK Qualifications and Awards can only be delivered by a qualified RLSS UK Trainer Assessor and/or RLSS UK Lifesaving Instructor holding the relevant specialism. 

Other benefits include:

  • Access to up-to-date news and information about the charity’s work
  • A copy of the RLSS UK Lifesavers magazine twice yearly
  • Access to the wider RLSS UK community (both in branches, clubs or online)
  • Membership of your local RLSS UK Branch
  • Being able to vote in RLSS UK elections or governance
  • Access to Howden Sports benefits Platform
  • Welcome pack for new members

What our members say is the best thing about being an RLSS UK member:

“Having access to plenty of resources. Gives the opportunity for continuing professional development. Additional cover helpful in the event anything were to go wrong.”

“Being a member to enable me to train and assess others in water safety, being part of the RLSS UK community and family.”

“Giving me the tools to deliver excellent training. Excellent CPD training. Access to excellent support when needed.”

9 in 10 are proud to be an RLSS UK Member

9 in 10 members

8 in 10 are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership

8 in 10 are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership

Source: 2022 Member Benefit Survey, Sample size (244)

Just £54 a year

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