The RLSS UK Life Support programme is a CPR education programme with an optional basic First Aid element. There are two awards in the programme, Life Support and Life Support 3, which are both certificated by RLSS UK. 

Life Support is designed for all members of the community and can be taken as a separate standalone award, whilst Life Support 3 is for instructors and those training.

The Life Support Programme can be delivered by Lifesaving Academy Instructors (and higher) and Trainer Assessors (and higher). 

Below is information on Life Support 3, click here if you would like further information about Life Support 

Life Support 3 

About Life Support 3 

This award establishes a competent level of skill in Basic Life Support for infant, child, and adult casualties, and the treatment of choking. 

Life Support 3 can be used by Instructors and qualified TA’s to keep their qualifications valid instead of renewing their lifeguard qualifications. 


There are no prerequisites required before taking the Life Support 3 award. There is no minimum age limit. 

Course Content 

Award Syllabus: 

  • Awareness of own safety
  • Turning a casualty onto their back
  • Checking responsiveness
  • Sequence and application of CPR and AED for infant, child, adult casualties
  • Sequence and application of CPR and AED for drowned casualties
  • Managing regurgitation
  • Recovery position
  • Use of a pocket mask
  • Treatment of choking 

Optional First Aid: 

  • Treatment of bleeding
  • Treatment of shock 


The award is trainer-assessed. 


There is no renewal process for this award. It expires after two years and the full assessment must be taken. 

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