Developing water confidence and competence

Developed for infants and toddlers, to initiate the development of a safe and enjoyable relationship with the water. Regular and ongoing family safety information and support, to work towards water confidence.

We encourage parents, carers, guardians and grandparents to enroll their most precious bundle of joy into our community at an early age. Through you, we can then provide information to keep your family safe whilst also introducing your little one(s) to activities, materials and games, that improve their confidence and safety around the water.

Main benefits include:

  • A welcome gift, including £10 Water Babies voucher to spend on products and our unique pack of milestone cards
  • Ongoing, technically researched water safety and infant CPR advice, guidance and tips
  • Vouchers and offers to support their development and swimming journey
  • Annual water safety activity pack
  • Access to a free, annual online baby and infant CPR lesson
  • Bi-annual E-Magazine

Just £10 a year

To set up your little one's membership, there are some easy steps you to follow:

1. Link your account

To protect them we need to link their account to an adult's account. If you already have an RLSS UK account you can link it to your own, if you are new to RLSS UK we need you to take a couple of minutes to set up your own account

Activate or Create your RLSS UK Account

2. Set up their account

Next, you will have to set up an account for your little one – it is simple to do

Watch our tutorial

3. Access account

Once you are all set up you’ll be able to access your little one's account from the ‘My Family’ tab where you can set up their membership

Access your RLSS UK Account

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