RLSS UK Charity Director, Lee Heard will be presented two talks at the RLSS UK Conference 2023 on Friday 23 June he talked about The National Lifesaving Academy, 

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On Saturday 24 June will be presenting with RLSS UK's Education Manager, Andy Lane about School Education - The Springboard Into Our Pathways.

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Lee Heard

Lee has a strong background in community development initiatives and volunteering work, with a real passion for empowering people to make a positive change in their communities.

In recognising the charity has a wealth of people with valuable skills, Lee works to ensure an honest and open culture, encouraging personal development for the benefit of everybody.

Through adequate and timely support for people who represent the organisation, Lee and his team equip RLSS UK members with the right tools, so the charity can proactively promote RLSS UK messages, training, and education, nationwide.

Lee, over the past five years has led the charity to be targeted in their approach so that the charities resources can be distributed to create efficient, sustainable, and impactful interventions. Including the development of new and existing, lifesaving pathways, awards, and campaigns. 

RLSS UK has the ambition to grow its membership and support base to increase the opportunity to educate and train, as well as generating wider exposure to the positive work of RLSS UK. Over the next business plan cycle, Lee and his team will be focusing their attention in this area - to grow RLSS UK's brand and its diversity of supporters.

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