“I found the NPMQ course really enjoyable and I learnt a significant amount from it to add to my existing experience and knowledge base.  Specifically, it's helped me with my decision-making process and also given me a better understanding of mine and my team's responsibilities and the legalities and risks associated.

"As the course content was so relevant, it prompted me to ensure that all of my existing staff from duty officer level upwards, also completed this qualification.  We even went as far as putting the NPMQ qualification into our ‘essential criteria’ within our person specification.

"The NPMQ has definitely aided me in my career as a whole, and in my opinion, every pool manager should complete the NPMQ qualification.”

Craig Mitchelson, Facilities Manager, Hartlepool Borough Council

 “I have been working for Bourne Leisure at their Butlin’s Minehead Resort for 11 years. I started my career as a lifeguard and have worked my way up. Since becoming a leader and manager, the NPMQ has truly helped me provide a safe and secure environment both for my team and our pools users. This course provides vast information about running a pool and thoroughly gives the guidance that should be followed.

"The NPMQ gives pool managers a qualification to back-up their responsibility and accountability in pool environments. It’s also a great qualification to gain as part of a career in leisure and a fantastic opportunity and tool for business owners who’d like to progress their pool managers or duty managers.

"Completing the NPMQ has made me more confident to ask questions about my own pool and helped me to put new procedures in place with an intent to keep all pool users safe.

"I loved the training aspect of the course, and enjoy being able to share my knowledge and help empower others with pool knowledge. In return, my leaders and lifeguards fully understand the reasons behind every decision and process in place.

"If you are already a pool manager with supervisory experience you will learn a lot on this course. It offers case studies, classroom-based role play and a lot of opportunities to ask questions, as I did. This course gives you the underpinning knowledge on SHG 179 in swimming pools and gives you information on what policies and procedures you should have in place. You will learn how to complete risk assessments on a new task, activities, equipment and so on.

"I can’t speak highly enough about this course and I think it’s a brilliant qualification to have in the leisure industry.”

Christian Manalo, Splash Assistant Manager, Bourne Leisure

“I really did enjoy the NPMQ course and without a doubt, it helped me get promoted from duty manager to general manager!

“As a duty manager, it massively helped me with my understanding of the law and why it is so important to manage the building and shifts correctly and ensure staff are qualified appropriately.

“Now as a general manager, I know where to quickly find the right information, how to keep myself, the company and all my staff protected and how to ensure we are doing all the right things at the right time on site.

“The NPMQ also gave me a greater understanding of rota management and HR management in general, which I believe is training I might not have had before becoming a general manager.”

Simon Greensmith, General Manager, Downham Health & Leisure Centre

"I really enjoyed my NPMQ course. The tutor was very knowledgeable and the professional discussion that the course allowed, really helped me to understand my responsibilities as a manager. I would thoroughly recommend the NPMQ course."

Sean Kelly, Nottingham

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