Aura Sport and Leisure Management Ltd (Aura Leisure) have purchased RLSS UK’s new and improved Pool Extract Board (PXB) for more efficient swimming pool rescues.

Aura Sport, with ten leisure centres across Ireland, took part in RLSS UK’s PXB training on the 27 September to give its pool lifeguards the skills to use the new rescue equipment.

The exciting and revolutionary new piece of rescue equipment gives lifeguards more options when extracting casualties from swimming pools. The new design means rescues can be accomplished quicker and more easily than with existing rescue boards.

Developed by medical experts and safety equipment specialist, Aura Leisure team were keen to learn about the industry’s leading product and the latest lifesaving techniques.

Aura Leisure Approved Training Centre Co-ordinator, Emma Donegan, said: “The Aura team thoroughly enjoyed the training and were particularly impressed with the overall efficiency of the new spinal boards. Not only does it reduce the number of steps needed, which increases the speed of immobilisation and extraction of a casualty, but it also requires less people, which is fantastic. The training was highly organised and the team learnt a lot on the day, so we’re very happy to be one of the first centres in Ireland to have undertaken the training with the RLSS UK.

“Our newly motivated staff are re-energised since learning the latest technology and life saving techniques, so I would highly recommend it to any swimming pool or leisure facility considering it.”

Auro Leisure Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor, Shane Smith, said: “Some of the key features of the boards really utilise its effectiveness and efficiency and will make a huge difference when dealing with an emergency and helping someone out of the water.  

“From the anchor mat to the antibacterial Velcro straps and floating head blocks, they all make the lifeguard’s job so much easier. The rotational hollow moulded board removes the need for additional floatation, so that really comes in handy too, as well as keeping the casualty as comfortable as possible which is highly important.”

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