The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is excited to announce that the UK’s leading supplier of open water dry-bag and tow-floats, Swim Secure, has become a new water safety partner.

Swim Secure products are designed for the precise needs of open water swimmers, allowing swimmers to swim safer by being highly visible, as well as waterproof storage for kit.

Swim Secure tow-floats and dry-bags are the largest selling range in the UK, with swim hats, hydration floats and waterproof ‘phone bags, all featuring in their product range. With their latest innovation, the wild swim bag, they really have thought of everything: the comfy chest and waist straps make for an easily worn, waterproof, highly-visible rucksack but remove the straps, secure your gear, inflate it and jump right in! Seasoned outdoor swimmers are free to hike, bike, run and swim their way across the UK, safe in the knowledge that they can be seen by other water users and their kit is secure and dry.

Colin Hill, Swim Secure’s Founder commented:

“Swim Secure are dedicated to innovation that keeps our outdoor and ‘wild’ swimmers safe, whilst simultaneously freeing the more intrepid explorer, to swim wherever and whenever they deem appropriate.

We are dedicated to empowering swimmers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the open water securely, and this mission is mirrored in our water safety partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society UK.

It’s a great honour to play our part in supporting their vital water safety education and drowning prevention work, in turn, our clients have the reassurance that not only are their products fit for purpose but the advice and support that we can give them is too.”

RLSS UK’s water safety partnership with Swim Secure benefits swimmers beyond education and advice alone:

“The water safety partnership with Swim Secure is an exciting prospect for RLSS UK,” says Mike Dunn, RLSS UK’s Deputy Director of Education and Research. “In the coming weeks we’ll be confirmed as one of their official retail partners as we’ll be stocking their core range through our merchandise arm, This means that, not only is our standard retail offering improved but the ability to support our event swimmers with innovative, niche products is readily available to us as well. I am looking forward to seeing the products put to the test!”

 You can find out more about Swim Secure: