Guest blogger Phil Crowder, Sheerness Swimming Clubs Public Relations Officer, shares with us his stories from the club…

The Sheerness Swimming Club & Lifeguard Corps has been honoured by the Kent Branch of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK for its outstanding contribution to lifeguarding within Kent. The club patrols the beach at Sheerness every Sunday during the summer months, safeguarding the public and also training the next generation of lifeguards.  The club has been providing this service since its formation back in 1959.

The award, called the “Brice Lifeguard Trophy”, was first awarded in 1987. It is awarded to a lifeguard unit within Kent who, in the opinion of the Kent Awards & Honours committee, have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK and Merit Recognition for their progress and achievements in the Society’s activities.

The presentation was done by the Deputy Mayor of Medway during the Annual General Meeting of the Kent Branch of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK held at Gads Hill School, Higham. The award was received on the clubs behalf by founder member of the lifeguards Mr Ron Crowder and his granddaughter Miss Anne-Marie Crowder who is currently Lifeguard Captain at the Sheerness Swimming Club & Lifeguard Corps.

This is the first time the club has won this award and the whole club are delighted and very proud. The club has a large membership who all deserve this recognition of their hard work and effort.

The club will be on patrol at the Sheerness Beach again this year and if you would like to be a part of the team then contact Phil Crowder on 01795 666288 or e-mail [email protected]

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