Update 03/06/2020

We have today received confirmation from regulators and can confirm that all RLSS UK and IQL UK regulated and non-regulated qualifications that expire between 16/03/2020 – 30/09/2020 will be extended until 30/09/2020. This is in line with the HSE statement for First Aid qualifications https://www.hse.gov.uk/news/first-aid-certificate-coronavirus.htm#non-healthcare.

We are working to update all affected qualifications and will be notifying all qualification holders.

RLSS UK qualifications extended to support everyone through the COVID-19 outbreak

We are very aware of the challenges that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is causing and RLSS UK is committed to supporting all of our members, qualification holders and customers throughout this difficult period.

Whilst the health of our families and communities is at the front of all of our minds, we are also aware that job security and future work planning is also a worrying issue for many people and businesses, especially those working in the leisure and aquatic sector, who are required to remain qualified in order to do their job.

We understand that renewing qualifications and awards is particularly difficult at this time, however it is worth remembering, everyone will need to be qualified in order to get back to work as quickly as possible, as soon as we are able to do so.

All regulated and non-regulated qualifications (due to expire between 16/03/2020-30/06/2020) will be extended by three months, to support qualification holders through this period of uncertainty.

Qualification holders do not need to contact us or apply for this extension, it will automatically be applied to all qualifications.

We will also revisit the length of the extension period, should the COVID-19 restrictions last beyond the revised expiry dates.

More details about First Aid qualifications can be found here

Where you or your team members are using extended qualifications to provide any form of safety cover or emergency response, it is imperative that additional ongoing competency assessments are used to ensure safety is maintained.

Other Support

A wide range of online learning, including ‘ongoing training’ has been developed and can be found in each qualification holders tahdah account. 

Learning remotely will also be an option for Trainers and Instructors with candidates that would like to continue with planned courses, we will circulate more information in due course.

The Future

We understand that once the current controls measures are eased, you may need some additional support or adjustments to the organisation of assessments. We will endeavour to make plans and provide additional information in due course, in readiness for when the times comes, and you can return to normal operations.