On Saturday the, RLSS UK Kent Branch attended the Dover Community Safety & Regatta Day on Dover sea front to promote water safety messages. Guest blogger Lorraine Mackie from the branch has shared the day with us.

The day was a mixture of fun and games, taster events and safety awareness groups, all initially praying that the rain would stop and the sun would shine so we could spread the word about water safety to as many people as possible.

Eventually the sun did come out and we were soon inundated with people of all ages wanting to have a go at resuscitation, including many foreign nationals who were passing through Dover on a Cruise Ship and became fascinated with our skills and knowledge.

Branch Trainer Assessors (TAs) gave up their day to promote our teachings for life preservation in and around the water. At times all six TAs were assisting with the teaching of resuscitation, with queues waiting to have a go behind them! Well over a thousand people were contacted via the stand and by the end of the day a huge sigh of achievement was given by all those involved.

As the packing up began, we were approached and asked to do it all again on the 11th August at an “Emergency Services” day in the South East of the county which we are thrilled about. A big thanks to those who helped.

If you and your branch or club have been out and about at events spreading water safety messages then why not send us your stories, it’s always great to hear what everyone is up to. If you’d like to be a guest blogger then email [email protected] your article and any photos we can use.