Pershore High School pupil and South Worcester Lifeguards member, Lily Weston, aged 15, delivered a first aid session to her peers at Pershore High School. Read her blog and find out how the session went. 

Following the success of a basic first aid session I presented to my class in 2013, I was asked by my form tutor to present the same session to a different tutor group this year.

It wasn’t such a daunting task, as I’d already done it before but I was still a bit nervous. I borrowed resuscitation manikins from my lifesaving club (South Worcester Lifeguards) where I have been a member of the club for 8 years. I did a run through with my own tutor group first, which was a good refresher for most of them and the new year 8’s and 12’s who had joined the school. I then presented in front of the different tutor group in which we showed a video of the basic steps on CPR.

We then did a scenario of what not to do, finding the casualty, panicking and not doing anything. We discussed what they thought should have been done and then using a real human I checked for dangers, turned the casualty over, checked for response, checked for breathing, called for help, went to call for an ambulance, then I swopped the real casualty for a manikin and did CPR.

After that, we put 4 other manikins out for other people to try out their ‘visual’ skills and have a go on the manikins, using the method of danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation (DRABC). Then I tested them on what to do.

It was good fun, but an important lesson. I enjoyed being able to pass on the skills I have been taught and it surprised quite a few of my friends!

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