It’s not always necessary to travel far and wide when thinking about making an impact with your fundraising efforts. Plenty of opportunities exist right on your doorstep – it’s simply a question of knowing where to look.

Collecting Tins

Consider where you visit most – why not think about adopting some RLSS UK collecting tins and asking your local pub or favourite convenience store to allow you to have one on display?

Street Collections

Some larger stores may allow you to carry out bucket collections, or have an information display in store, but you mustseek permission, and be aware of the appropriate rules and regulations

Farmer’s Markets and Town Fetes

Often Local Authorities will allow some provision at these type of events for charities to hold stalls free of charge.

As with street collections, you will need to be aware of the rules and regulations when carrying out collections.

Community Funds

Local branches of most high street banks, some supermarkets and other chain stores often have grant making schemes available for charities to apply for project funding.

For example, Santander run a Community Plus Scheme, where local people can nominate their favourite charity to receive up to £5,000. Waitrose and Asda also run charity token schemes, where nominated charities are then voted for by the community to receive a share of £1,000.

Community Groups

Schools, Girl Guides and Scout groups might like the opportunity to get involved with fundraising or recycling activities, and there are plenty of ways in which they can do so.

You could consider setting a challenge locally, through your regional newspaper. An example of this; ‘to see who can collect the highest number of used stamps or foreign coins.’


If you have contacts within local shops or community centres, you may like to consider asking them to hold a supply of recycling bags where people can donate their old mobile phones, ink cartridges and used stamps.

Opportunities also exist for RLSS UK to have textile recycling banks. If you know of any potential locations for these, do consider making an enquiry, then get in touch to let us know!

The above is by no means a definitive list, and if you become aware of any local initiative, then please email [email protected]