Published: 10 December 2021

Izzy Serventi joined the Nantwich Neptune Lifesaving Club at the tender age of 7 and quickly completed Stage 7 of the Learn to Swim programme at her local pool and wanted to do more than competitive swimming.

Izzy took up the Rookie Lifeguard programme on Saturday mornings and continued with the Learn to Swim programme during the week. By the age of 8 she had passed Stage 10 of the Learn to Swim programme and was onto the Rookie Lifeguard Silver Awards. By the age of 9, Izzy had completed the Rookie programme and came first in the RLSS Liverpool District Challenge Cup, and second in the Timed Sports Competition.

Izzy was desperate to continue with her awards but the next level, the Survive and Save programme, is usually aimed at ages 12 and over. Despite Izzy only being 9 years of age at the time, RLSS UK agreed to allow Izzy to start on the Survive and Save Medallions, as they acknowledged her amazing achievements at such a young age and didn’t want to hold her back.

In July 2021 Izzy turned 12 and so far has completed her: Bronze Medallion; Bronze Sport Medallion; Bronze Stillwater Medallion; Silver Medallion; Silver Sport Medallion; Silver Stillwater Medallion; and Gold Medallion.

Izzy is now aiming to achieve the Distinction Award, which is awarded to those who achieve 3 Gold Level awards within a 24-month period. She will take her Gold Stillwater assessment in September 2022 and is currently working on the skills needed for the Gold Sport Medallion.

Izzy has already supported her mum, who has now passed her Bronze Medallion, as well as the Rookie Lifeguard Instructor Course, and is a volunteer teacher at the Nantwich Neptune Lifesaving Club. Izzy’s next step is to teach the younger members of the club as they embark on their Rookie Lifeguard journey.

The Survive and Save awards are very challenging, and as well as developing key lifesaving skills, Izzy has had to demonstrate speed, strength, endurance, and accuracy to complete the awards.

Izzy would highly recommend the lifesaving training and awards to others. She said, “You get to have loads of fun in the water, whilst learning essential lifesaving skills”.