Drowning Prevention Charity, the Royal Life Saving Society’s (RLSS UK), Don’t Drink and Drown campaign is set to be launched this bank holiday weekend (April 30) warning Brighton’s drinkers to steer clear of walking by or entering water when under the influence of alcohol.

Brighton’s clubs and bars will be raising awareness this weekend with the support of RLSS UK, local police, Brighton and Hove City Council and Resolve Security as research shows that around a quarter of all adult drowning victims have alcohol in their bloodstream*.

Drinkers will be urged to act responsibly near water after they have been drinking and make sure they and their friends avoid walking home near bodies of water.

They will be given drinking water and wristbands to help raise awareness and spread the campaign messages.

Di Steer, RLSS UK Chief Executive said: “People die each year after entering the water with alcohol in their bloodstream, either deliberately or completely by accident. Around a third of all 18 to 21-year-old drowning victims have alcohol in their bloodstream*. Drinking near water can be dangerous and a deadly cocktail. Alcohol can seriously impede your ability to survive in water.

“At RLSS UK we work hard to inform and educate people of the dangers and advise the public to never go into water when you have been drinking and always take care and be aware if you are near water.

“When walking home from a night out, avoid routes that are alongside water, particularly in the darkness, and always stay with and look out for your friends.”

RLSS UK will be joining Resolve Security, who patrol the Brighton water front keeping Brighton’s drinkers away from the water each weekend.

Louise Roberts-Jones, Resolve Security said: “Resolve Security aims to protect and educate young people/ club users in the dangers of drink drowning. We provide our services throughout the night every weekend to prevent people from entering the water either through being intoxicated or mental health/ suicide issues.”

Chris Ingall, Seafront Operations Manager added: “To see this initiative come together over the last few months has been a really positive step in trying to promote water safety, and the increased risk to those entering the water after drinking alcohol. To see all the seafront clubs and bars getting involved with this campaign is a massive step forward in reducing fatalities along our coastline, well done to all those involved.”